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SF5 and SF6 available at SpaceSimCentral.com07-03-2010

SF5 and SF6 are now being hosted over at Both the downloads for the games have been patched to the latest version, and the SF5 package also contains the necessary DosBox configuration files and running instructions.

See the SF5 and SF6 download pages for more information.

Special thanks to SpaceSimCentral's Darkone for setting up the downloads!

SF5 and DosBox02-01-2010

Good news everyone: it is now possible to run SF5 in full 320x200 VGA + soundblaster glory using DoxBox!

I have made some experiments on how to get the game running on DosBox, and luckily it is quite simple.

To make the game run at all, you need to up the memory allocation of DosBox from default 16 megabytes to at least 32 megabytes. This can be done by modifying the memsize -setting in the dosbox.conf file.

The other issue is the funky Soundblaster-compatible audio system that SF5 uses. The sound works by default, but you'll get horrible static and occasional crashing on exit. To cure this, you must select "emulation compatible" mode from the SF5 setup screen, and make some adjustments to the mixer settings in the dosbox.conf file. Here are the mixer settings that I used on my home computer (Intel Core Quad 2.4Ghz + Vista 64):






A fully featured dosbox.conf that I'm using to play SF5 on my setup is available here

Special thanks go to Eetu Jalonen for bringing this to my attention.

SF6 SDL patch released!25-11-2007

Hello everybody - some real news at last!

Davide Gianino has created a SDL port of StarFight VI which allows the game to be played in modern operating systems such as Windows XP and Vista. There are still some minor issues with for example sound, but overall the port is really impressive and has proven to run very stable in my own testing sessions.

Head over to the SF6-section to get it! I've also set up a local download for the SF6 main package because the mirrors appear to have all gone down, unfortunately.

SF:C Development Diary Updated17-06-2006

Oh dear, has it been two years since last update? Damn! :)

Anyway, the SF:C development has been updated.

SF:C At Assembly 04!03-08-2004

JP-Production is participating Assembly 04 Game Development compo with a customized game technology version of StarFight: Comrades! This is your first chance to try for yourself what the game is about.

Keep in mind, though, that this demo only gives you a hint on how the small ship combat is going to be like. Furthermore, it is limited into one star system only. Adventure/space exploration side of the game is completely absent.

Get your copy of StarFight: Comrades Assembly 04 Edition from one of the compo mirrors. See the official party site for more information.

Watch this space. An update to the game will be made available shortly.

SF:C Development journal updated04-08-2002

StarFight: Comrades development journal has been updated with a new entry. As approppriate, a new screenshots are also up. For the first time, we take a brief look at some of the the gameplay elements being developed for SF:C.